About Kerry

Kerry’s story Part One

“I started teaching fitness in my late teens, first as football coach and lifeguard, then moving on to Aerobics and Personal Training in private gyms and health clubs. After years of athletics, and teaching 20 + classes a week my body was tired, and I was injured. As much as I loved dance and fitness, I knew I couldn’t keep this kind of exercise up until retirement age. I spent more money on fixing my back than sometimes what I got paid. I found a wonderful Classical Mat Work teacher called Amy Kellow who inspired me to train with her. I was lucky enough to eventually be given a position at her studio. Amy trained regularly in America with the Pilates master trainer (Jay Grimes) that been a former student of Joseph Pilates and the Classical system. I thought that Pilates was going to be easy, I was very wrong. Hooked from my first session, I turned my passion into a new career.”

Kerry’s story Part Two

Kerry moved to Looe in Cornwall in March 2014. “A huge passion of mine is sea swimming. Pilates and swimming have changed my life. They give me the perfect balance of what my body needs. Plus I’ve met some amazing friends along the way.”

Kerry Owner of Waves Health and Wellbeing is an experienced Health and wellbeing movement specialist , and has 25 years experience in the health and fitness industry. Kerry has been teaching Pilates classes and working with sports injuries in Cornwall for 6 years in the local community. Kerry teaches classes in sciatica, suicide prevention, mental health, and Classical matwork.

“6 years into teaching and learning the Classical method, I decided to develop my knowledge further and study courses in Sciatica and foot health to help my clients further and take my teaching to a new level. I love the classical Pilates system, but I also love evolving and learning new movement patterns. I am currently undertaking my next course in the Third Age woman (menopause), mental health, depression, hormones and nutrition. Teaching for me is truly rewarding, and I feel a great sense of excitement when I see my clients pain free.”

I do miss the studio in Hampshire, but I have found a wonderful network of Pilates teachers in Cornwall. We love to get together and learn together. This is me, although looking serious, the classes are really fun and there is great sense of community and friendship among the groups I teach. Listening to the chatter between my group classes is one of the things that makes me smile a lot. I feel very privileged to be the host.